Political Commentary

During my 25th year I went through what the sociologists call a "political awakening," which involves the individual (usually immature and selfish) all of a sudden realizing "Hey, shit is fucked up!" At the time of my quarter-century mark, I thought it was very novel, innovative and productive to write commentary about how fucked up shit is, but mostly it would just make me really angry and bitter...and insane.

Classified: The Myth of Secrecy - an open letter to the National Security Agency

Katrina, Chavez, and the Cowboy King of Vacations (the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina)

Meet John Dean (my parents and I attend a Bush-bashing talk given by Nixon's former counsel)

The Evolution of Pointless Political Preoccupation (Evolution vs. Intelligent Design)

Hit With a Mind Bullet (fuck if I know)

The United States of Red and Blue: United by Division (hokey title...should be obvious)

ACAD - American Citizens Against Delay (written last December, before the indictment that nixed his career)

Truth is a Child of Time (I lost my shit over the Newsweek Qua'rans-in-toilet story, then I posted this link to Roger L. Simon's site, and then baby boomer intellectuals proceeded to flood the comments section with attacks on my overzealousness, making sly sexual references that were definitely not sly enough if the intent was that they would fly over my head. I'm not lying; this totally happened. I felt like my political conviction was being virtually raped. This marked a high point in my career - a rare, strangely humbling victory.)

The Idiot's Guide to the SBC-AT&T Merger

Election 2004 - What Will Become of the Left? (written as soon as I found out John Kerry conceded to President Bush on November 3, 2004)

Condoleezza Rice: World Tour

A sense of chilling guilt (the July 2005 London train bombing)

The Justification for Fictional Interpretation (Plame / Wilson leak)

The Real Culprit / the Big Enchilada (Plame / Wilson leak)

Your scare tactics are worthless (Mariane Pearl, wife of Daniel Pearl)

President Bush Continues to Spend Political Capital
(hmmm...sounds familar, like about 500 letters to the editor written to various periodicals between November 2004 and January 2005)

Mistakes - And Why Bush Doesn't Ever Make Them

Inaugural Gowns, NPR-style

Slightly Drunken Angry Liberal (this one's actually pretty awesome. I do my best writing drunk and angry. Lots of cussing and incomplete thoughts.)

Smashing the Courts (MoveOn.org's ad proposal)

Letter to the LA Times
(more angry rhetoric, see pretty much everything above)

Total Recall of Gov. Schwarzenegger

Move AWAY from the State Capitol


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