Move AWAY from the State Capitol

Contrary to popular (and Republican) belief, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a lousy governor. What’s even worse is that the summer blockbuster movie world is sucking ass right now without him. Wouldn’t you much rather see Schwarzy wage the War of the Worlds instead of Tommy “What Former Teen Actress Shall I Taste Next?” Cruisemaster?

Fantasy Movies (sort of like Fantasy Football, but with more money at stake and more ego – and coke - to blow) aside, I’m sure we’ve all contemplated the What Would Arnold Do had he not made a wrong turn into puppet politics. I for one mourn his absence, especially when I stop weeping long enough to wonder who would take his character’s role in Twins II, which Danny DeVito is currently prepping for production. I’m not even going to touch Terminator IV. The ending of III was all but on its knees begging sequel treatment.

Arnold, we miss you. I reminisce those good old days when you used to provide us with action packed entertainment. Now your idea of action packed entertainment is effectively hurting California’s economy. I’m troubled enough to digress into an open assault on the latest exploit of your political career, which has hit a “special” bump in the wake of your “special” election, which is a total waste of our money.

But I’ll let California association leaders and lawmakers do the talking:

"This governor has invested everything in an election about nothing. The governor got elected by espousing a populist agenda. There is nothing here that reforms any aspect of California, that improves quality of life in this state for anybody."

- Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez (D-Los Angeles)

"It would be a dramatic shift of power from the legislative branch to the governor.”

- Jean Ross, director of the California Budget Project, a Sacramento nonprofit organization

“[Schwarzenegger is] misleading the people of California into this special election. Before this is over, this special election will be Arnold Schwarzenegger's Iraq."

- Democratic state Treasurer Phil Angelides, who wants to run against Schwarzenegger next year if the governor seeks reelection

"I think he's overplayed his hand pretty significantly.”

- Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the California Nurses Association

Editorial suggestion: Arnold, baby. Listen. If you really want to make an impact on California politics, move AWAY from the state capitol. Why don’t you go off with DeVito, find your inner Twin Julius Benedict, give your greatest sequel performance since T2, take your ridiculously obscene comeback salary and donate it to failing LA schools? I promise I’ll cake the library walls with READ posters featuring your smiling mug (see above), so the kiddies will be all over the books.


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