A sense of chilling guilt

What happened in London this morning was fucked up. Fucked up. Maybe I've been reading too much pessimistic political journalism lately, but my mind won't stop dwelling on the chaotic structures that run our world and what it all means. Before you start reading what I have to say about this (because I always feel the effects of politics more than I think about them), you should probably just stop right now and read this much more informed article instead, because what the hell do I know? Well, all I know for sure is that I’m scared, and you should be, too.

What really gets me is when innocent humans are murdered by a group of humans protesting the wrongful decisions of those in power, as if they have the right. Why do London’s mass transiters have to die for the tainted policies of powerful, rich white assholes in suits? World leaders say we can't reason with evil, but like all murderers, there are reasons for these crimes in London, Madrid, New York, and those reasons should be respected in any investigation and any preventative measures taken against further attacks. Al Queda doesn’t attack because they “hate our freedoms.” Take a look in the fucking mirror. Al Queda attacks because they think we are evil. Why? Trying to understand the answer might help improve the situation before more innocent people are killed. If over half the country voted for George W. Bush for one reason, it would be that they feel safer against terrorist attacks with him in the White House. But if anything, I think that President Bush's decision of go to war in Iraq has made us less safe, less free, and now bin Laden and his brigade are making other countries pay for helping America's unjustified invasion.

As Americans, we should pay more attention to what the terrorists are saying instead of what Blair and Bush are saying. I don't trust Bush, and you shouldn't, either. I don't know what the intelligence communities are doing because it's all top-secret, and the Bush Administration has spent billions of taxpayer money classifying documents so citizens aren't even entitled to know what its leaders are doing. Like it or not, we’re helpless and in the dark. But anyone who's read the 9/11 Commission Report would know that it helps to pay attention to memos regarding terrorist attacks instead of just ignoring them like our President did on his vacation. Just like criminal psychologists infiltrate the brains of serial killers, it might help us all to understand how terrorist minds think so we can anticipate their next move. Unfortunately, Bush only understands that they’re evil, and every decision driven by that ignorant assumption is potentially hurtful to us.

This London attack leaves me with a sense of chilling guilt. Al Queda will make every country feel the pain, leaving America unscathed but constantly looking behind in fear. Bush says "The war on terror goes on" but this is not a war. No battles. These are strategic surprise mass murders. These are political statements. There's a responsibility to protect innocent people, but it can't happen by waging wars, occupying states. It can't happen with domestic law enforcement. They've got the power because they can strike anywhere, anytime. If there's any way to beat them, it's through intelligence, investigation, thinking the way they think before they can act. If we want to constantly live in fear, then we should all just adopt the Bush Doctrine and look on while he fights his War on Terror, which is a lot like Clinton's War on Drugs, just a bunch of empty rhetoric against an enemy that can't be defeated by conventional military action. It's all about advantage. Why have fist fights when there are guns? Why wage wars when you can deploy dangerous mass murder weapons?

Now I can go on type-rambling like this until the FBI extracts me from this keyboard. But then this will still be bothering me. Can sense be made? Rather than resorting to self-censorship, I'll let the murderers say their piece below in bold lettering, so you can really think about it for yourself, if you dare. The way I see it, you can either group these guys in the "Reasonably Evil" or "Unreasonably Evil." Because the nature of evil is largely subjective, it's easiest to bypass the reason. But I see these terrorists as having purpose, and its leaders brainwash the followers into believing that it's right. They call the attack "blessed." But don't we call our wars "righteous"? But what makes Western countries so righteous? We're richer, more civilized, on higher moral ground? Why do men all over the world join the Al Queda network? Because they're evil? Because the absence of democracy prevents the spread of terrorism? Bush’s answers aren’t mine.

Where it used to be open and inviting, America's pride and righteousness has now become secretive and dangerous. Its refusal to admit wrongdoing, its lack of responsibility for its actions abroad will be its downfall if we don’t watch out. And now other countries are paying for its mistakes. I apologize to the City of London, and to everyone affected by the tragedy this morning, on behalf of the Bush Administration, because they can't see what's amiss. I apologize because I wish we could impeach our President. I apologize because I am not proud to be an American when the American identity is synonymous with supporting George Bush. I apologize because I wish I was better represented as an American citizen, and I regret not doing enough in 2000 and 2004 to ensure his defeat. I'm sorry because, as a result of Bush's ignorant actions, I feel afraid for the safety of the entire international community.

I read the words below as a threat. It's about time we listen to what they're saying. They may be evil, but their evil has reason, their reason has power, and this power is infecting everyone all over the world with fear.

"In response to the massacre that Britain has carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan: The heroic mujahedeen has undertaken a blessed attack in London. Now Britain is burning with fear, dread and dismay from north, south, east and west."

"We have warned the British government and the British people again and again. We have carried out our promise and undertaken a blessed military attack in Britain after great efforts by the heroic mujahedeen over a long period of time to ensure the success of the attack."

"Denmark, Italy and all of the Crusader governments...will be attacked if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan."


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