President Bush Continues to Spend Political Capital

President Bush was reluctantly cornered into yet another press conference this morning. Why does he even bother anymore? He's got to know that the press annihilate him every time, hanging his mini-brain out to dry, where it's obvious. Just like his debates with Kerry, he doesn't stand a chance. This morning it was more of the same, further proof of his incompetency, in case we didn't already know, in case we hadn't already been hit over the head with it several times. The man appeared to be a total idiot. He failed to articulate his thoughts, fishing for words in a mud puddle vocabulary, his beady eyes sneering through the TV screen, mocking us with his filthy rich frat boy smugness, as if to flip off those of us who can see through his bullshit. Facing the rapid fire of excellent questions, he continuously ducked for cover, running scared yet never flinching to the point of admitting any wrongdoing by his administration, fiercely defending his choices with alarming levels of irritation directed at the press. We let him get away with it again.

If President Bush hates connecting with his constituencies and can't answer important questions from our mass media, he shouldn't have run for President again. He owes us an explanation for every decision he makes, but during the press conference he expertly skirted responsibility, continously averting the explaining to lawmakers, generals, anyone but himself, because, hey, it's not his fucking job to explain things to people. With no substantial knowledge of the issues, he was left with the bully pulpit, which he took every opportunity to use for evangelical nonsense. His empty rhetoric may work on the Bible Belt, but I can sense an increasingly critical American public. His license to be antagonizing, stupid, arrogant, and infalliable has never been more evident than it was this morning. What a coward.


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