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President Bush is spending more than $40 million on his inaugual ball.


He's dedicating the festivities to "honoring service" even though we're supposedly a nation at war with troops who don't have adequate armor on their fucking trucks. 2,000 servicemen will attend ONE of the many balls in the President's honor, while 140,000 are still in Iraq fighting off insurgents FOR WHAT? Weapons of mass destruction? Al Queda ties? A democratic government for three distinct constituent groups (Sunni, Shiite, Kurd)? Yeah fucking right.

His rich fuck friends get tax cuts, they return the favor by bankrolling his re-election and financing his inaugural ball. What do the poor and middle class people get? Another 4 years of a President who doesn't give half a shit about them. Social security reforms favoring big business, frivilous lawsuit / tort reform favoring big business, restructuring the tax code favoring big business, celebrating re-election by flushing big business donation/greed money down the narcissistic, self-congratulating toilet. And in case you didn't digest it the first time I wrote it -

40 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS. 40 million. Why not just fuck the tsunami and make it 80 million?

FDR cancelled three ofhis inaugural balls because of the Depression and World War II.

Bush is such an extravagant fuck. It makes me sick to even think about it. But I can't stop listening to NPR, I can't stop reading the LA Times and the New sick as it may be, the truth is comforting. It offers revenge tactics.

RE: State of the State Speech - California needs to terminate Arnold. Who the fuck is going to do this? He's going to fuck up everything! Somebody, please...

Looks like Alberto is going to make it after all. All that shit he said about no longer being just representing Bush but representing the freedom of all Americans. What horseshit. Yes, Leahy and Kennedy were predictibly concerned, but that ain't gonna make any dent on the new Republicongress.


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