Sorry...I don't play music - yet. Until I form my band, I have to settle for writing about it, which is actually a pretty good gig until I'm frontlining the Troubadour. Hopefully, hidden deep within the links below you will find plenty of good music - and maybe, if you haven't heard a band, artist, album, or song I've mentioned, you'll even be inspired to check it out for yourself. Yes, sadly, recommendation is my only aim in writing about music - conning you into listening to what I'm writing about. I gave up my lofty dreams of becoming a rock n roll journalist a long time ago, and although I'll be recovering from this rejection for the rest of my life, the blow is softened by (most of) my CD collection and the fact that there is much, much more music for me to hear. Just think - some of it is being created right this second...

The Rock Epic List

Late Registration, Indeed (Kanye West, Hurricane Katrina)

Amen to Sufjan Stevens (Sufjan Stevens / Illinois)

My Pitchfork Submission

To be a rock and not to roll("Stairway to Heaven")

President Bush and "Nowhere Man"

The Forgotten Arm (Aimee Mann / The Forgotten Arm)

A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free (Elliot Smith)

Be Careful, Or Else (Earlimart, Elliot Smith)

If I may be so bold
(The White Stripes / Elephant)

Kara's Mix - Winter 2004

Guide to the Velvet Underground

Ain't It Fun
(Rocket from the Tombs)

Two Modest Mouse Album Reviews (Modest Mouse / Good News for People Who Love Bad News)

If we walk away, they walk away (Mellencamp, Corgan, Saul Williams, Bright Eyes)

A Melody Softly Soaring Through My Atmosphere - "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie

If find my sanity where I find my glory - (N.E.R.D. / In Search Of...)

The Jackson Five...and Johnny

Tangent-filled Goodbye to Guided By Voices

Roommate Openly Mocks Apostles of Hustle

Review/flashback - The Dandy Warhols Come Down

Ode to My Playlist

It's all just a delusion, anyway (the Aracade Fire)

I'll send you the news ("My Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars)

It's just a stroke (the music biz in general)

Chapter Three: What's Going On, God-Style (Marvin Gaye)

Block Party Without the "K" (Bloc Party / The Silent Alarm)


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