Veto the Standard of Living

The National Guard kills you
Saves your life with intuition
Alternatives too pricey to buy
Too spendy for the minimum wage
you veto the standard of living
subverted into sandbags to heavy to hold
in the cold we'll reverse our stance
surprise everyone with the con
live on your marble floors
bathe in the great white fountain
it's filled with disease
but the drugs are better
you wouldn't believe the high
I'm flying over the state department
yelling how they did a good job
America takes care of her citizens
whoever want to come here can
if you want to bomb learn how
down in the street it's possible
services for the high class
wine and dine it's mighty fine
ladies, tighten your corset
gentlemen suffocate your beltlines
eat a stale crumpet
blow the rusty trumpet
it's a race to the stock market
and we're all gonna win this time
give my lotto back to the community
turn off my inner electricity
tell all the fat girls they're pretty
because the sun it's gonna kill us
machine gun the planet
its pieces dispersed into the rings of Saturn
the storms of Jupiter
I'll be in the big red spot
waiting for you as dead as I can be
the moment is alive now
crash your car and walk away
unconsciously creating the hurt inside you
the tumor is spread now
it's spreading far, it's spreading wide
you never could tell
health it's just an illusion
it's just a myth
don't belive the hype or it'll turn into a tumor
a tumor eating its way through my creator
not God but a living breathing human being
God is no human being
God doesn't get cancer
does God create cancer?
If so can I blame God?
Can I hate God?
What can I hate but a bunch of cells that kill?
The sickness we can't escape
in our heads in our hearts
temperature rising
body planet
from the caretaker to the undertaker
we'll all go down
see ya when I'm finally quiet
and the heavens move me like a pawn
and the rook takes the Jack of Diamonds
for a walk along the Great Wall
see ya when I'm finally sure
and the supreme court can judge
and the aching church will numb
from painkillers that make me laugh
see ya when I'm finally loved
and stitch in time saves crime
and the camera won't accept film
only underwater vibrations that electrocute mine and
yours and all of ours so we can stop the impression
that we're all gonna die and just live live live past
science into biology under the microscope we believe
we'll all wiggle out of the petrie dish and save
ourselves 40% on car insurance and vote for measure 45
and leave it all in the gutter, swimming with our own
raw sewage, oh can you feel the love tonight?


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