Sellout Liberals and Action Figures

This week has been long. This week has been a cartoon as slowly and deliberately drawn out as possible. Plenty of time to think, too much time to act...therefore, too many thoughts and not enough action. Not that I really need to think any more than I already do, but this week I've bombarded myself, tragically enough, with pointless thoughts that crowd in and override more important thoughts, like, say, my finances.

It seems the election is moving towards us at a snail's pace, but there is so much paranoia and urgency in the air, especially amid the thick buildup of LA smog. We're liberals here. But I can't help feeling like ours is a land of sellout liberals...liberals who preach before they practice. I should know, because I'm one of those liberals. I talk and write a good game, but I claim to not have enough time to volunteer, and my paycheck's too small to cut a check for good conscience. I'm no help to John Kerry, yet I desperately want him to win and I feel continuously guilty for failing him. I'm always tripping over my soapbox in favor of letting others in center stage..others who deserve to vent to their heart's content...others who feel like prejudging and changing the world. Who am I? Nobody. except a girl with a weblog...who just started hers today...way, way after all the other hipsters...and after at least 100 stolen songs off of Mp3 blogs, I feel I should contribute. This is a community after all, right? A conversation? An attempt to reach out and tocuh someone? It often feels quite empty, the Internet. Like a void of relentless crisscrossing wires of activity.

I've always been more of an observation and commentary person than an action figure. If I WERE an action figure, she would be shabbily dressed and anti-establishment-anti-authority. She would think too much before acting, thus not being much for instant success, leaving the other action figures to take all the credit...where credit is due, of course. She would be infinitely considerate and affectionate towards her dream man of action on sale across the aisle...and once you took her out of her box she would try to inhale as much life as possible before becoming tragically outgrown by forces beyond her control.

October 14, 2004


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