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Blogs are snapshots of a continuously changing mind.

-Unknown blogger driven mad in a relentless typing frenzy, as told to me, Delia True, on a cold spring day with the heart rate up and the mind active.

In another fit of helpful advice, he also told me, "Continue on, my dear, even if everyone thinks you're mad, even after you make sense of your own madness, and especially when you've invested yourself in the maddening order of madness everywhere. Only you can sell yourself to the highest bidder. Your life is your collected fiction affected by other collected fictions and other snapshots of the mind and every piece of breaking news that sets a fire in your heart, so by all means, don't stop. Keep writing. Keep writing."

At his suggestion, I wrote. And as I wrote, the world turned and became so confusing it finally started to make sense. Yes, it finally made so much sense that everything I'd written thus far made no sense. I became comforted. Then I had to encounter something I didn't understand as soon as possible...


Blogger Klova said...

This post brought to mind something I read from Garcia Marquez. I believe it went like this: "Life is not what we live but how we remember to tell it."

4:04 PM  

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