The APA Publication Manual Blows

The APA Publication Manual blows. No wonder academic papers are so boring. Anything interesting I want to write has to get fucked by the APA first. For someone like me, who loves writing more than she will love her first born, this is really not cool.

For those of you who don't know, the APA stands for American Psychological Association. Yes, it's all pyschological. Maybe I have a strange hodgepodge of ADD, OCD, and manic depression, but I don't understand the APA's involvement in making my paper vastly less fun to write (and read). In an effort to procrastinate away from continuing my paper, I investigated and found out this APA publication standard racket started in 1929. We all know that 1929 is a bad apple year. Well, the stock market crash didn't just cripple the economy; it also apparently limited opportunities for creatively written academic papers.

Now what I want to know is how the American Psychological Association got ahold of my graduate school program and pretty much every higher education institution in the country, upholding free thinking students and professors to standards of mundane writing. I tried to read the introduction of the APA Manual, hoping for a good explanation, but I fell asleep. Does this tell us anything? Yes, it tells us that you can just save your brandy for a special occasion. All you have to do is read an APA-standard academic paper if you want to cure your nagging insomnia.

Sadly, this is nothing I didn't already know before jumping back into this grad school game. I'd just conveniently forgotten that the APA referees this madness. Sigh.

I know I said my blogging days are over, but man, I'm trying to write an elaborate, interesting paper about a fascinating subject with full knowledge that my professor and fellow students will be reading it with the intention of learning something and not passing out before it's too late. There's only so much APA crackdown I can take before I start to, well, crack. Please pass the pipe.

For the record, this is not a blog. This is a rant. I doubt anyone will read this, anyway. Not that I really care. Well, I care if the APA reads it, but that's about it. From this point on, this website will be used to house insignificant rants/complaints that I feel like making when my parents/friends are probably not awake to hear them.



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